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Wind Chimes SOLEDI 6 Tubes Chime Wooden and Aluminum Melody Grace Woodstock Large Outdoor Indoor Hanging Bells For Yard Garden Home Room Decor

ASIN: B0151I8XV8
Product ID: 708302072823
Product ID Type: upc
Brand Name: SOLEDI
Manufacturer: SOLEDI

★SOLEDI 6-pipes wind chimes contain 6 aluminum pipes of different length , when the wind blows, the collisions between the pipes can produce wonderful music.

★Wind chimes can bring you fun from not only the beauty of its visual art, but also the pleasant sounds.It can be casual as well as quiet and solemn.

★Hang a string of wind chimes before the window, the wind chimes rings as the gentle breeze passes, making the room more playful and childlike.

★Suitable for Home decoration, Hanging in the room/on the door/windows/garden and anywhere you want.

★Great gift: Whomever the wind chimes are sent from, when the wind blows, the sounds will remind you of that person.

Brand Introduction:
Soledi: The meanning of “sole” is sun. “di” stems from Italian suffix of Monday-lunedì, Tuesday-martedì, Wednesday-mercoledì, Thursday-giovedì, Friday-venerdì. So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.


Wind chimes have the meaning of miss and love. Sending to friends,wind chimes’clear ringing sounds represent the greetings from good friends. Sending to lovers, wind chimes represent love and miss. In fact, whomever the wind chimes are sent from, when the wind blows, the sounds will remind you of that person.


Type: SOLEDI 6 Tubes Wind Chimes
Material: aluminum and wood
Colour: as shown in the picture
Suspension length: 60 cm
Long pipe length: 26 cm
Minimum pipe length: 18 cm
Number of pipes: 6
Package: SOLEDI gift box
Package includes: 1 * SOLEDI 6 Tubes Wind Chimes

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