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SOLEDI Under-Bed Food Storage Containers


Large storage capacity-Comes with 1 storage boxes (100x42x15cm, 63L), large enough to store 1 extra-large quilt in one container. Good for clothes, toys, quilts, pillows, blankets, holiday decorations and other things, especially when the seasons change

The sturdy structure stays undistorted-there are sturdy bars around it that can support the entire clothes organizer without deforming and protect your items from being crushed and wrinkled. There are 4 partitions that can divide the space and store different clothes in different categories to keep them clean and tidy.

Discover more available space-only 15cm in height, designed for storage under the bed and top of the wardrobe, increasing the space utilization of the room, suitable for small family apartments, student dormitories, etc. Compared with bulky boxes, it is light and foldable and can be folded and stored when not in use

Transparent view and double zipper-Clear PVC storage allows quick access to storage without opening it. At the same time 100% effectively prevent moisture, and dust from entering. Upgrade No. 5 alloy zipper, it is not easy to break, the service life is more than 2000 times

Upgraded sturdy and durable material-Surrounded by environmentally friendly, odorless, breathable three-layer composite non-woven fabric, 120g wear-resistant non-woven fabric at the bottom for enhanced tension. The handle is sewn on the side panel for reinforcement, which prolongs the service life of the handle and makes it easier to pull in and out

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