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Soledi LED Water Faucet, Multi-color

Soledi LED Water Faucet, Multi-color

Brand Introduction:

Soledi: The meanning of "sole" is sun. "di" stems from the Italian suffix of Monday-lunedì, Tuesday-martedì, Wednesday-mercoledì, Thursday-giovedì, Friday-venerdì.
So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.

Product Feature:

1. This product has mini built-in generating electricity devices, no need of batteries, as long as the water flow it will give out light, turn off the water, the light goes out immediately.
2. Tap faucet's light colors can change every 1-2 seconds, and show the colorful effect.
3. The product has excellent water conservation function, and connected at the top with the water-saving filter.
4. The product is externally threaded connector with internally threaded adapter. Adapter can make the product suitable for a variety of faucet interface.


If the LED water faucet lights up, it requires a certain water pressure. And it won't light up if the water pressure is too low.The faucet is made of ABS, so recommend that wrap PTFE tape on the thread when installing the faucet. Please take care not to force too much during the installation.(ABS material is easily broken if you force too much.)

Case material: ABS
LED emitting color: 7 colors
Internal diameter: 1.5cm
External thread diameter: 2.2cm
Item size: 3.5 * 2.4 * 2.4cm
Item weight: 21g
Package includes:
1 x LED light faucet
1 x connector

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