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SOLEDI Fruit Picker Convenient Labor Saving Practical Horticultural Useful Gardening Apple Pear Peach Picking Tools


UPC: 701979094426

★Labor-saving device: It is an useful tool which make it possible for picking fruits without climbing a ladder or the edges of the tree. It provides a longer reach, snags the figs without bruising or trauma and collects the fruit in the basket. The basket will hold multiple fruit at a time

★Nice design and high quality: It is made of iron and cloth and you can DIY the bag if you need a bigger one or smaller one or something else. It doesn't come with a pole and you just use an old wooden mop or broom handle to attache it and two screws to secure it

★sturdy and easy to use: You hook the tines around the fruit, pull, and the fruit conveniently falls into the bag. It's like fishing with a net

★Perfect for harvesting: Useful tool for harvesting all kinds of fruits, such as Apple, Pear, Peach, Mango, Kiwi, Lemon, Loquat, Orange etc and suitable for home, orchard, park, farm, garden, etc

★Slim and LIGHT WEIGHT: Our 170g fruit picker tool enables you to move quickly to successive positions

Brand Introduction:

Soledi: The meanning of “sole” is sun. “di” stems from the Italian suffix of Monday-lunedì, Tuesday-martedì, Wednesday-mercoledì, Thursday-giovedì, Friday-venerdì.

So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.

Product Specifications:

Material: Iron, Cloth


Size: Diameter: 14cm, Depth of bag: 20cm

Package includes: 1 x Fruit-picker

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