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SOLEDI Artificial Peach Bouquet 10 Bunch Blossom Flower for Home Office Decor Pink

SOLEDI Artificial Peach Bouquet 10 Bunch Blossom Flower for Home Office Decor Pink


  • NEVER FADE: SOLEDI artificial peach flowers with bright color and unique shape, are dignified, elegant, beautiful, vivid, realistic and lifelike, will remain beautiful year after year. They will never wither or fall, can greatly meet your demands of every season and need
  • PEACH FLOWER LANGUAGE: A captive of love. Peach blossom can bring you love opportunities. With the blessing of peach blossom, you will soon have your own love
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of omfortable silk cloth, great substitute to live plants. This flower bouquet is made of real-looking flowers with bright color, non-toxic and harmless, no color fading and no flower dropping off, more durable
  • BUILT-IN WIRE: Plastic wrapped tree poles with wire built-in, can be quickly shaped, easily bending or cutting according to demands, greatly meet the needs of the gardeners
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: Ideal for gardens, stages, parlors, bedrooms, offices, hotels, dining rooms, stores, private clubs and any other places that you want to decorate. They are also perfect for wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc.

Brand Introduction:
Soledi: The meanning of “sole” is sun. “di” stems from the Italian suffix of Monday-lunedì, Tuesday-martedì, Wednesday-mercoledì, Thursday-giovedì, Friday-venerdì. So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.

Product Specifications:
Condition: 100% Brand new
Variety: Peach blossom
1 bunch including 3 branches, 20 flower heads
Whole Length: Approx. 66cm / 25.98 inch
Material: Silk & plastic
Package included:
10 bunches

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