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Soledi 10 Pieces Cutting Discs 22mm Sharp Vented Rotary Diamond Mandrel Dremel Tools

Soledi 10 Pieces Cutting Discs 22mm Sharp Vented Rotary Diamond Mandrel Dremel Tools


UPC: 600686286998

Brand Introduction:
Soledi: The meanning of “sole” is sun. “di” stems from the Italian suffix of Monday-lunedì, Tuesday-martedì, Wednesday-mercoledì, Thursday-giovedì, Friday-venerdì.
So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.

Product Description:
HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: The Cutting Wheels are made of Carbon steel, strong enough for cutting gemstones, glass, geramics, porcelain, tiles, carbide, rocks, aluminium and copper
PACKAGE COMES WITH: Hot New 10pcs Mini Sharp 22mm mini sharp dremel tools, thin and sharp, which is perfect for making slots and slits, coated on both sides as well as around the edge.
VARIOUS USES: This set of 10 double sided, vented diamond cutting discs will make your tools more powerful and functionality when you are doing DIY, craft, jewelry making or silver smithing
ATTENTION: For your safety when using our product, please must wear gloves and googles and be care around sparks. It may become very hot when cutting, add some water to keep it cool
WARM NOTE: Use cutting oil and just keep hitting and releasing the material you are cutting to avoid overheating the disk. If you get a feel for it with this method, your tool will last a long while and to job will go faster than if you try to do it too fast and just ware our the blade

Product Specification:
Category: 10pcs Mini Sharp Dremel Tools
Disc diameter: 22mm
Disc thickness: 0.60mm
Arbour shaft length: 36mm
Arbour shaft diameter at top: 4.5mm
Arbour shaft diameter at bottom: 3mm
Material: Carbon steel
Coating: Dual sided and edge
Compatibility: The majority of rotary and air tools, including Dremel
Packing Includes:
10pcs * Mini Sharp 22mm Dremel Tools

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