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Silicone Spatulas 3 Set SOLEDI Essential Cooking Gadget and Bakeware Tool Durable Attractive Dishwasher Safe

Silicone Spatulas 3 Set SOLEDI Essential Cooking Gadget and Bakeware Tool Durable Attractive Dishwasher Safe


  • Non-stick: Soledi silicone spatulas are used by home cooks and professional chefs. You just requires less butter and oil before baking, thereby decreasing the fat content in the prepared food. Also an ideal tool for thinly spreading or smoothing pastes and frostings due to its thin, flexible edges
  • Heat-resistant: High-heat resistant silicone heads (up to 500 degrees).Heat resistant silicone provides optimal utility with just the right amount of flex.
  • Comfort Grip: Soledi spatula handle is made to allow firm and comfortable grip while flipping or transferring food items. The thick comfortable handle can't get hot easily and you can hold it for a long time.
  • Easy To Clean: Soledi silicone spatula can be cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher. Please note: avoid using the abrasive cleaning pads which can scratch the surface of silicone spatula.
  • These super durable silicone spatulas will quickly become your go-to tools for mixing, folding, scraping, cooking and even serving.

Brand Introduction:
Soledi: The meanning of ¡°sole¡± is sun. ¡°di¡± stems from the Italian suffix of Monday-luned¨¬, Tuesday-marted¨¬, Wednesday-mercoled¨¬, Thursday-gioved¨¬, Friday-venerd¨¬.
So Soledi means everyday is sunny day with full of hope forever.

Product Specification:
Condition: 100% Brand new
Category: Silicone spatula
Color: Blue
Material: Silicone
The three type of Spatula:
Large-sized Spatula 10" x 2.35":
Perfect for mixing batter,folding dough and scraping the mixing bowl .It's also commonly used to make fluffy and delicious scrambled eggs without damaging the pan .
Middle-sized Spatula 9.5" x 2":
Half spoon and spatula. This versatile style spatula is great for mixing ,folding ,serving and scraping .It's flexible for scraping and serving ,but curved for mixing and folding .
Small-sized Spatula 9" x 1.5".:
This mini spatula is designed specially for scraping jars , so you can easily use spread jams or jellies ,peanut butter, mayonnaise and other condiments.
Package includes
3pcs Silicone Spatulas

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